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Laboratory introduction

Laboratory introduction


Corona virus pandemi.

Please apply for a LIMS account and state that you want to work in the cleanroom, and we will get back.

New user
To be able to work in the cleanroom you need to register in LIMS.
If you want LIMS access but not will be working in the cleanroom, please state it in the application (supplementary info).

The following criteria/information is needed
  • Belonging to a Laboratory/Group
  • Have a Supervisor
  • Have a Practical Coach for work in the cleanroom, an active experienced cleanroom user.
  • Belonging to a project
  • Supplementary info:
The cleanroom course will be held every other week, see schedule below. Participants need to apply before the course.
Cleanroom safety course schedule
Date Time Place Resp. Comment
Wednesday Nov 11  09-13   Conf room Moore, 2nd floor  Alex  
Tuesday Nov 18  09-13   Conf room Moore, 2nd floor  Per  
Thursday Dec 3  09-13   Conf room Moore, 2nd floor  Alex  
Tuesday Dec 15  09-13   Conf room Moore, 2nd floor  Per  
Date and time are preliminary and subject to change depending on need.
Information about the conference rooms can be found here
Aleks = Aleks Radojcic email, Per = Per Wehlin email
 LIMS administrator will answer applicant and new application will be treated depending on its content (see below). New users are also encouraged to take direct contact with laboratory operational group.
Cleanroom users only
External lab users
Cleanroom resp
- Agree on time for for Safety Training
LIMS resp
- Agree on time for LIMS training
- Show LIMS and KTH  myfab on portal
Cleanroom resp
Cleanroom training (approx. 5-6 hours)
Theoretical Training (conference room)
- Organization
- Safety routines
- Show LIMS and Quality manualon portal
- Quiz
Practical Training
- Walk around facility
- Cleanroom shoes and coverall (place)
- Dressing in cleanroom
- Walk around cleanroom
- Wet chemistry overview
- Safety in cleanroom
New user
- Access to LIMS
New user
- Apply for access card (Cleanroom) after LIMS account approval
New user
- Apply for access card (Microscopy) after LIMS account approval
New user
- Access to LIMS and Electrum cleanroom
New user
-Wet chemistry safety practical course inside cleanroom
(approx 1 h)
Contact Sven Valerio (
- Wet Chemistry info (pdf)


Virtual cleanroom tour


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