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Bright Day Graphene har utvecklat ett sätt att tillverka grafen av lignin. Det kan ge en mer miljövänlig variant av supermaterialet. De finns nu med på Ny Tekniks lista överSveriges bästa teknikstartups.

De har i dagsläget sin verksamhet i Electrumlaboratoriet

33-listan 2021: Här är Sveriges bästa teknikstartups

För ett år sedan köpte amerikanska II-VI Kistaföretaget Ascatron, som utvecklar epitaxistrukturer för kraftkomponenter i kiselkarbid liksom egna kretsar. Därmed adderade II-VI en viktig pusselbit i sin tillväxtstrategi. Nu skalas verksamheten i Electrumlabbet upp, och fler anställs.

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Utvecklingsnav inom kiselkarbid växer i Kista – Elektroniktidningen (


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The Four Corner Pillars of Quantum Technology. Plus the fifth one, supporting them all. The entire world is studying quantum technology. All the main universities and many billion-dollar companies are trying to develop something in the quantum realm. Swedish universities are at the forefront, thanks to formidable support from the fifth corner pillar Myfab, allowing them to manufacture their building blocks for quantum devices in a set of high-quality, high-reliability machines

Access the best cleanroom facilities in Sweden and bring new scope and opportunity to your research and technical development.

Whether you are doing research in nanotechnology or product development for a high tech company, Myfab has the tools for you.


Myfab - The Swedish Research Infrastructure for Micro and Nano Fabrication from Chalmers Univ. of Technology on Vimeo.


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Get access to a world class resource with three major cleanroom facilities and more than 500 instruments for fabrication and characterization. Welcome to our open user facility, where our highly qualified staff is ready to provide all the help and training you need!

Myfab is the Swedish national research infrastructrue for micro and nano fabrication. Get connected and realize your next project in microtechnology and nanoscience!

What can we do for you?

Individual User Access

More than 600 active users utilize our labs. Join them and conduct your own work in our high-end facilities.


Process Service & Collaboration

You may need access to specific equipment or expertise. Work with us to find a solution suitable for your needs.


Training & Education

Myfab and our close environment provide excellent knowledge about the techniques and processes available in the labs.


Myfab National Access Program

The program offers FREE access to Myfab. This includes both usage of equipment for fabrication and analysis as well as training services from on-site staff and scientific support in realizing “nano visions”.

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Nordic Nanolab Network

Myfab is part of the Nordic Nanolab Network.


Powered by Myfab LIMS 

The Myfab Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is the central system used in the three Myfab cleanrooms. The system was developed to optimize use of resources and to handle everything from booking and statistics to reports and invoicing data.

Would you like a specific customized version for your organization? Contact Peter Modh, today and find out more about what Myfab LIMS can do for you.