WISE Materials Fabrication Platform for sustainable materials research

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Luke Hankin
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Myfab Lund gets 44,1 MSEK for materials fabrication in collaboration with KTH which is funded with 21 MSEK, making a total of more than 65 MSEK. The equipment will be critical to research into materials to enable a sustainable society by electrification, energy-saving, and clean energy.

A III-Nitride hot-wall MOCVD – Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition – that will be placed in Lund at the Myfab Lund. This equipment is also relevant to the C3NiT competence centre, funded by Vinnova and led by professor Vanya Darakchieva.

Original Article: https://www.nano.lu.se/article/tremendous-impact-transformation-towards-sustainable-future